Black History Month in Waukegan Schools

Black History Month in Waukegan Schools
Posted on 02/08/2021
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As part of Black History month, Waukegan Public Schools celebrate and study African-American history, culture, and leaders. Throughout the month, schools plan various virtual activities and lessons. Below are some highlights happening in our schools. Check back for updated information from our schools throughout the month of February. 

AOEC - AOEC will be conducting the majority of its Black History Month lessons through its physical education classes. Throughout the month, students will be tasked with researching important black athletes, as well as the various movements and advancements of Black athletes in America that interest them.

Carman-Buckner Elementary -  Students will be engaged in Black History classroom instructional activities during the month. On February 6, Carman-Buckner students and staff will participate in a: "Talking Drums" Black History Month Kid's Concert hosted by Ina Buckner, daughter of Isabelle Buckner, one of Carman-Buckner's namesakes. 

Clark Elementary School - Teachers at Clark are incorporating Black History events into their daily curriculum. The school will host a virtual assembly on the life and times of Wilma Rudolph for students and families to view. 
Clearview Elementary School - The bulk of Clearview's Black History Month Lessons will be conducted through its art and music classes. Throughout February, all art classes will be using the work of Faith Ringgold and Alma Woodsey Thomas as inspiration for various projects. Additionally, the school will display daily Black History Slides during its Community Time.

Cooke Magnet - Students will be shown daily Black History slides during the school’s Community Time, as well as participate in daily Class Dojo activities. Additionally, the school will be hosting a Black History Laser Light Show Virtual Assembly on February 10, as well as a Cooke University: Black History event on February 17.

Daniel Webster Middle School - Webster will hold an school-wide Black History Month Competition. Each day students will be given a multiple choice question showing a piece of artwork, historical site or quote from a prominent Black American. Students will work as a class to answer, and the classes with the most correct answers will win a prize at the end of the month.

Glen Flora Elementary School - Glen Flora students will engage in Black History lessons each morning. Additionally, each day students will be introduced to biographies of important figures in African-American history.

Glenwood Elementary - Throughout the month, Glenwood will include Black History trivia in its morning announcements. Classes will study and complete projects on famous figures and events in Black American History. Additionally, the school will host a Virtual Black History Month Assembly on February 25, as well as display student-made artwork inspired by Black artists during the week of February 22.

Greenwood Elementary School - Greenwood will highlight significant contributions of prominent African Americans during its daily virtual announcements. All classrooms are also incorporating a variety of Black History activities and projects into their lessons. ARTCore lessons will focus on music, art, dance, as well as artwork featuring African Americans. The school will host a school-wide virtual assembly on the life of Wilma Rudolph. 

Hyde Park Elementary School - Hyde Park will incorporate video messages highlighting figures and events in Black History during its daily morning announcements. Additionally, teachers will include Black history into their lessons and lead age appropriate projects and activities.

Jack Benny Middle School - All students will complete a research project on a African American that has significantly impacted America and/or the World. Additionally, classes throughout the month will be discussing and conducting lessons on Black accomplishments, discoveries, and excellence.

Little Fort Elementary School - African American History lessons are being incorporated in a variety of ways. Staff are engaging Little Fort students through art and poetry projects, research activities and group activities. Additionally, the school is inviting drop-in guest speakers from the Waukegan Historical Society and the Waukegan Public Library.

Lyon Elementary School - Lyon students will learn about African American history daily during the school’s Community Time. Students will also study the civil rights movement, and the school will host a school-wide virtual assembly on Wilma Rudolph on February 12.

Miguel Juarez Middle School - Throughout the month during the morning announcements Miguel Juarez will feature Black History Month facts, and individual classes will be complete lessons pertaining to important African American figures and events.

North Elementary School - North students will celebrate the various contributions made by African Americans by conducting research and compiling information on an interactive website. Students will pick from a list of individuals who have made significant contributions to society to study and add to the website.

Oakdale Elementary School - Oakdale will be partnering with the community organizations to educate students on contributions of Black Americans throughout our country’s history. Students will be able to investigate various figures and events, and connect to culturally relevant lessons that promote understanding and acceptance throughout the student population.

Robert Abbott Middle School - Throughout the month of February, virtual morning announcements will feature trivia and facts about important African American figures in American history. Additionally students will engage in lessons and projects surrounding Black History Month in classes, such as discussing and completing research projects on historically significant events such as Brown vs. Board of Education, as well as examining the work of Black American poets, authors and musicians. 

Washington Elementary School - Washington will celebrate a prominent figure in African American History each day during its virtual announcements. Teachers are embedding the celebration of Black History into culturally-relevant lessons. Additionally, the school's physical marque will reflect the celebration of Black History Month. 

Waukegan High School - Throughout the month WHS students will analyze the work of Black American authors, poets and speakers in their Literature Classes. Additionally, students will complete research projects on prominent African-American figures.
Whittier Elementary School: Whittier will include daily Black History trivia in its morning announcements. The school shared a "Read Aloud Calendar," which features a different story written by a Black American author, or about a prominent Black American figure, for each day of the month. Additionally, fifth grade classes will participate in Flip Hunt challenges each Friday to learn about Black History.

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