COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 4/4)
Posted on 03/20/2020

Waukegan Public Schools COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated:  April 4, 2020

Waukegan Public Schools has prepared the following questions and answers to share with its families, staff members and interested community members drawing from individual inquiries received to date.  Please note that any of the answers provided may change at any time based on subsequent public health events and local, state, and federal guidance or orders. We will be updating this document periodically. 

An additional document for staff with questions related to compensation has been developed. Please note: The District is following its regular pay practices during its closure from March 16, 2020 through April 3, 2020.  

If you have a question, we encourage you to check the FAQ first to see if it already has been answered. If not, you may submit your question here.  


Q: What day are schools going to reopen? 

A: Right now, schools are set to reopen on Friday, May 1, 2020, but that may change depending on guidance or orders from local, State or national officials. The date has been moved to May 1 as a result of the Governor's "Stay at Home" order. Updated: March 31, 2020 

Q: What other changes have been made to the calendar?

A: Spring Break week has been shifted to the week of March 30, 2020. Additionally, the April 20, 2020 Institute Day has been canceled.

Answered: March 20, 2020 

Q: How will we be notified if additional days are canceled, or if schools are reopened?

A: The District will continue to notify families and staff of changes to the schedule via our mass communication system. This includes emails, texts and automated phone calls. We also encourage everyone to follow updates on our web page and social media channels.

Answered: March 20, 2020 

Q: Will we have to make up the missed school days? 

A: Based on the March 17, 2020 Joint Statement of the Office of the Governor, the Illinois State Board of Education and other education related organizations, Act of God days will not need to be made up.  However, this could be superseded by a later directive. 

Answered: March 20, 2020

Q: Will the 3rd quarter still end on March 20? How/when will grades be entered? 

A: The third grading quarter has effectively ended. Grades will be entered when we return, and  Parents can expect Q3 report cards following our return. An automated message relaying this information has also been posted in our Parent Portal.

Answered: March 20, 2020

Q: How will the closing of schools affect the school year, the continuation on to the next grade and graduation?

A: At this time, districts are awaiting guidance from the Office of the Governor and Illinois State Board of Education on the impact that school closures will have on a variety of items including but not limited to promotion, graduation, and testing. We will be providing updates as  information becomes available.

Answered: March 20, 2020

Q: What steps is the District taking to clean/sanitize buildings while schools are closed?

A: While schools are closed custodial staff are busy thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces and touchpoints at every building per product recommendations.

Answered: March 20, 2020

Q: What information can be shared about the employee that tested positive for COVID-19?
A: On March 26 the District released a statement about an employee assigned to our administrative office who tested positive. You can read the statement here.
Answered: March 27, 2020


Q: Where do I go to download my child’s learning packet?

A: Packets are available by grade level on the District’s learning packet web page.

Answered: March 20, 2020 

Q: Can I still pick up packets?

A: Packets can no longer be picked up at your assigned school, but they are available online.

Updated: March 25, 2020

Q: Are the learning packets mandatory for students? 

A: Packets are not mandatory at this time; however, students’ completion of the packet can only sharpen their skills and knowledge and also may improve their grades. Current guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education states that student work completed during the Act of God days can only increase a student’s academic standing.  It cannot negatively impact the student. Therefore, we strongly encourage all students to be sure to complete work in the packets. We are also encouraging parents and students to continue to supplement their learning through reading and other activities related to academics. The Illinois State Board of Education has provided families with a list of additional free resources.

Answered: March 20, 2020 

Q: How can students work on the packets when they download it online?

A: Waukegan High School has additional information on how students can access and complete the work online using their Chromebooks. Click here to access information.  

Answered: March 20, 2020 

Q: Are meals being provided to students during the closure?

A: Yes, meal distribution events are held each week, and are generally announced prior to the week. A current list of distribution sites can be found here.

Updated: April 4, 2020

Q.  Where can I pick up meals for the week of March 30?

A: Meal distribution is planned for March 31 and April 2 at Carman-Buckner Elementary School, Juarez Middle School, and WHS-Brookside Campus. Sites will be open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Brookside will offer drive-thru service.

Updated: March 30, 2020 


Q: Does our insurance cover COVID-19 related medical testing?

A: Waukegan Public Schools opted-in to allow PPO, HMO and HSA covered employees and dependents to undergo COVID-19 testing when found medically necessary per CDC guidelines.  As per Blue Cross Blue Shield, testing for COVID-19 that is medically necessary under CDC guidelines will be available with no advance approval; no copay; and no deductible. 

Answered: March 20, 2020


Q: How should language liaisons, secretaries, and safety staff submit their hours for Monday (3/16) and Tuesday (3/17)? Form B?

A: All employees asked to work at school sites for education packet distribution on Monday, March 16, 2020 and Tuesday, March 17, 2020 should document their hours on Form B and submit to their building Principal.

Answered: March 20, 2020

Q: Are we able to stop in our classrooms and get personal items and/or class related items so we can continue to work at home while keeping in touch with our students?

A: Only essential staff will be working during this time to prevent disinfected areas from becoming contaminated. Item retrieval events have been set up for March 30- April 1, for staff needing to retrieve items from their classrooms necessary for facilitating remote instruction. Staff with questions should reach out to their principals.

Updated: March 30, 2020

Q: I requested time off during this time prior to school closures.  Will my absences in the Absence Management System be credited/adjusted?

A: The Human Resources Division will make adjustments as needed regarding time off requested.

Answered: March 20, 2020

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