Recap of October 13 Board Meeting

Recap of October 13 Board Meeting
Posted on 10/13/2020

Special Recognition and Presentation

-The Board of Education recognized McCall Elementary School on its recent designation as a 2020 Blue Ribbon School. Staff from McCall gave a presentation about the designation and some of its programs. 

Action Items

The Board of Education voted to approve the use of the Emergency Life Safety Funds to repair the chimney at Clark Elementary School. The approved contractor is Barrington-based A. Horn Inc. The cost is $17,810. The Administration previously requested approval of an emergency life safety amendment for this work at an estimated budget of $19,000, and now is requesting approval of the actual value and vendor who has completed this work.  

The Board of Education voted to accept the low responsible and responsive bid from Ingleside-based Maneval Construction Company, INC with a bid totaling $209,900, for parking improvements to Whittier Elementary. Added to Maneval Construction Company, INC’s bid is an architect flat fee payable to IMEG Corp. a project contingency fee of 10% of construction costs, and the advertisement cost of $208.29, for a total project budget approval of $254,598.29.

The Board of Education voted to approve the purchase of new Macbook Air Laptops and Multi-Port adaptors for the Diverse Learners Department at the cost of $56,400.

The Board of Education voted to retain Mr. Scott Nemanich, of the Klein Thorpe law firm to intervene in current real estate tax assessment appeals involving assessment adjustments in excess of $200,000. Mr. Scott Nemanich, of Klein Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd., of Chicago, IL, has assisted District 60 with its real estate tax appeal and tax objection work, and is currently counsel of record on numerous appeals pending before the Lake County Board of Review, the Property Tax Appeal Board and Lake County Circuit Court. 

The Board of Education voted to authorize the retention of Ms. Shelli Anderson of the law firm of Franczek, P.C. in connection with the reassignment grievance filed by Local 504 of the IFT.

Financial Items

The Board of Education voted to authorize the estimated property tax levy for Tax Year 2020 and the Truth in Taxation Resolution, and authorize the Administration to post notice for the same, as appropriate, in the local newspapers of general circulation by prescribed schedules. The Truth in Taxation Act requires a taxing district to determine at least twenty (20) days prior to the adoption of the aggregate levy of the district the estimated amounts of taxes to be levied and where the levy exceeds the prior year's extension by more than five (5) percent, public notice shall be given and a public hearing shall be held on the district's intention in regard to the aforementioned levy.  The amount of property taxes extended upon the final aggregate levy for Tax Year 2019 was $62,339,016.97. The estimated aggregate levy for Tax Year 2020 is $62,190,193 resulting in a decrease of .0024%. The District's property tax receipts will be the lower of the allowable maximum extension or the tax levy in place. Hence, the amounts levied are generally substantially higher than the actual amount that will be received. It is the District's intent to apply for the FY21 Property Tax Relief Grant through the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).  It is noted on ISBE's website that Districts are to check their site in October for the FY21 application.


Information Items

The Board of Education reviewed proposed amendment changes to policy 7060 align the policy with updates in the School Code addressing parent access to information to support participation in IEP meetings and monitoring of service delivery. 

Personnel Items

The Board of Education voted to approve the appointments, resignations and retirements of 20 employees. 

The Board of Education voted to approve and authorize the Board President to execute Amendment No. 8 to the Superintendent's Performance Contract. The Board of Education and the Superintendent have conferred and developed Performance Goals for the 2020-2021 School Year, pursuant to the requirements of her contract.  The proposed action formally adopts the agreed goals as an amendment to her contract.

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